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Title Kraken Image Optimizer ·
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Images We found 20 images on this web page.

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Kraken Image Optimizer · Kraken.ioWeb InterfaceFeaturesPluginsAPI DocsSupportMy Account Pricing & SignupGet Started FREELog InSign UpAbout KrakenWeb InterfacePluginsFeaturesAPI DocsSupportKraken BlogWe optimize your images and slide your is a robust, ultra-fast image optimizer and compressor with best-in-class algorithms.We'll save you bandwidth and storage space and will dramatically modernize your website’s load times.See Plans and PricingTry Free Web InterfaceThousands of smart companies from virtually the world trust in Kraken.ioWatch our video and find out how can help you.How well does perform?We like to think the only way to get your image files smaller without optimizing them with Kraken is to delete them.Original ImageKraked ImageOriginal Size: KBKraked Size: KB (% reduction)Download All Results54321optimized images and countingEveryone Needs Image OptimizationDesigners, Developers, WordPress and Magento users - plane enthusiasts all over the world use Kraken.ioDesignersDone with your page or layout? No you're not! Run them through, then you're really done.Use Web InterfaceDevelopersOptimize and resize images from within your applications using our fully-featured and easy-to-use API.View API DocsWordPress and MagentoAre you a WordPress or Magento user? Get our official plugins and and speed up your websites now.Discover Our PluginsSimple and Flexible PricingAll plans start out as a FREE Account which comes with 100 MB of testing quota. No credit vellum is required to sign up.Micro$5 / mo.500 MBof images per month$5per spare GBBasic$9 / mo.2 GBof images per month$4per spare GBPopularAdvanced$19 / mo.5 GBof images per month$3per spare GBPremium$39 / mo.15 GBof images per month$2per spare GBEnterprise$79 / mo.60 GBof images per month$1per spare GBAll plans come equipped with: Full API Access, Web Interface PRO, WordPress Plugin, Magento Extension and Kraken Cloud Storage.Get Started FreeIntegrating into our dev process has been really easy and has helped us profoundly reduce our bandwidth usage.— Anton Molleda, Program Manager, MicrosoftImage Optimization is Important, and You Know It62% of today's Internet traffic is made up of images. Optimize them with and save both money and time.Reduce the Weight and Not the QualityYou need to be confident that the quality of the results you are getting have not been compromised for the sake of getting the smallest possible file size. While it is possible to reduce any image to a tiny fraction of its original size, that tideway often leads to a serious value of visual degradation.'s optimization pipeline offers tremendous savings, with results that stand up to tropical inspection, each and every time.Let us do the Hard WorkAll optimization is carried out by our powerful servers, freeing you from having to utilize your own. Our cutting-edge infrastructure has been designed from the ground up with a single purpose in mind - to optimize your images blazingly fast. Focus on your merchantry in the weightier way you know how, we'll worry well-nigh making your images faster and largest - every single one of them has potential savings.Speed up Your Apps and WebsitesUser wits is all well-nigh speed. A faster site will make your users happier. Happier users will buy increasingly of your product and refer you increasingly business. A faster site will get you increasingly traffic and proceeds you increasingly leads - all of which will contribute to the success of your business. If your site is image-rich, you will need to be uneaten vigilant in order to alimony request sizes down. will help you with that.Optimize for Mobile and TabletsWith increasingly and increasingly people accessing your content through tablet or mobile devices, reducing your Time to Glass should be one of your top priorities. Dont't waste your user's precious bandwidth with oversized, unoptimized images - they won't stick around. You need to serve them images that are not delivering any extra, unnecessary weight. Using's resizing full-length you can plane generate optimized image sets for all your target devices.Don't subject your visitors to long waits when visiting your site - they won't stick around.Sign Up NowReduce Your Operating CostsHow much do you spend on bandwidth and storage? We can't wordplay that, but we can say that you are spending increasingly than you need to be. Using you can cut those expenses lanugo to increasingly than half. Your images will occupy well-nigh 50% space on stereotype (often less) and your bandwidth savings could be an wool knockout depending on how many page impressions you get.Improve Your Search RankingSince 2010, Google has weighted a site's loading speed as an important criteria in determining how it ranks in relation to other comparable sites. In other words, faster loading sites are looked upon increasingly favourably than their slower counterparts. can help you modernize your search ranking by significantly speeding up your pages' load times. Just trammels out your Google PageSpeed Insights report surpassing and without you've run your images through our service.Slash Your CDN Bills by Half or MoreAre your CDN bills starting to substantially cut into your profit margins? Use to optimize your image resources and knock those bills lanugo by at least half. Your users won't notice any difference (other than faster loading times and less waiting virtually for stuff to download) but you'll notice a ​huge​ difference when it comes to your CDN spend over time.Supercharge Your WordPressGot WordPress? Install our plugin and get it loading faster right away. Our WordPress plugin allows you to optimize all images uploaded to your merchantry or blog. Existing images can be optimized from within the Media Library. Any newly uploaded images are optimized on-the-fly. Any generated thumbnails are optimized too. Install Kraken Plugin for a quick and simple way requite your WordPress blog an SEO bump!Save money on bandwidth and storage space and slide your websites nowPowerful API, Web Interface PRO, WordPress and Magento Plugins and Kraken Cloud StorageSee Plans and PricingTry Free Web at a GlanceNine reasons why you don't need to squint any remoter than APINo matter which programming language you use Kraken API will integrate seamlessly with all your services.WordPress and Magento PluginsGreatly speed up your blog or business, while saving on both bandwidth and disk space using our official plugins.Powerful InfrastructureOur hardware will let you to get the job washed-up quickly and without consuming a single CPU trundling on your own machines.First Class CompressionWith its best-in-class algorithms Kraken gives you an incredible level of image pinch and optimization.API External StorageKraken API allows you to hands store optimized images directly in S3, Azure, Cloud Files and SoftLayer.Lossy Optimization OptionsIf you decide to sacrifice just a fraction of image quality, you will be worldly-wise to save up to 90% of the initial file weight.Image ResizingWant to have your images resized surpassing optimization? offers you several methods for resizing and cropping.Free Web InterfaceIn specimen you have a smaller value of images to be optimized you can unchangingly use our FREE Web Interface.Great User SupportGet fast and friendly consumer support. No auto-responses or bots. We'll get straight to the point and help you out.×ProductFeaturesPricing & SignupFree Web InterfaceSystem StatusCompanyAbout Kraken.ioMedia KitTechnologyContact UsResourcesAPI DocumentationSupport CenterWordPress PluginMagento ModuleConnectBlogTwitterGitHubYouTubeCopyright © 2013 — 2018 Nekkra UGImpressum | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy